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Le cose e i sogni

A cura di Didi Bozzini

Vieni a scoprire le 1500 opere realizzate per l’Aterlier dei Bambini.

Convitto Nazionale Maria Luigia - Borgo Lalatta, 14, Parma

dal 12 gennaio al 9 febbraio 2019 dal martedì al sabato dalle 14.00 alle 17.00

Inaugurazione sabato 12 gennaio ore 17.00

The world that seems in chains to you
is entirely made of profound interwoven harmonies.

Sandro Penna

The exhibition

The “The Third Day” exhibition offers the city a new and unexpected insight on the topic of sustainability. A scientific environmentalist denunciation is replaced by an evocative and poetic narration. It takes visitors through a cathartic journey that begins with the Third Day of Genesis, the birth of nature and plant species, Genesis 1.9, that goes through creation, destruction, overcoming, nihilism, as far as a return to nature with a palingenesian pattern that follows sensations.

The artists

The forest is a state of the soul.

Gaston Bachelard